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Making The Future

We have revolutionized natural ingredients through nanotechnology and transformed them into products that do not harm the body or nature.


Sustainable technology to promote quality of life and well being, to live a better life and enjoy its beauty.

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We are an innovative company established in Brazil known for the development of nano and micro-encapsulated active ingredients.

People's well-being and quality of life are related to different aspects of life. The way we see and feel about ourselves, and our willingness to wake up every morning and pursue our goals are affected by the environment and the people around us. The most valuable technologies and innovations have the purpose, of helping people feel better, live better, and enjoy their lives. Our technology was created with this as the first guideline, and this is what we pursue in every segment.

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Our technology

Our production process is based on Green Chemistry, being water-based and free of organic solvents, and totally sustainable. We do not generate waste that could be harmful to any users or to the environment.


Essential Oils, Vitamins, Acids, and Natural Extracts are highly oxidative substances that degrade rapidly and constantly react with the environment and other cosmetic compounds (light, oxygen, packaging, preservatives, fragrances, surfactants, etc.). By encapsulating them, we guarantee the stability of the active ingredients and protect them from potential reactions with the formulation or with the environment. 

Active Ingredient Protection

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Numbers that make us proud

The high efficacy and safety of encapsulated actives allow new possibilities for brands interested in innovating and delivering the best results to their customers. We are already present in 75 countries.

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Countries Covered 

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Developed Actives

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Nanovetores is a company that produces high performance active ingredients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 


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