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Atualizado: Mar 26

Women are daily increasing their presence in companies' leading positions. The female entrepreneurship has been gaining strength and is an important instrument of social transformation. This growing female protagonism in business leads to empowerment, granting more visibility and space to women.

The scenario in the business world regarding gender equality is changing. However, we cannot ignore that although the percentage of women in leadership positions is increasing each year, these positions are still mainly dominated by men, as shown in the chart below from Grand Thornton report on women in business.

The proportion of women in leadership positions / Source: Grant Thornton IBR 2019

This shows that there is a long path to be trailed by us, but fortunately, we already are in the right direction and there is no turning back!

Following this pathway and standing out for the strong female presence in the company, there is Nanovetores with leadership positions being dominated by women (62,5%) as well as the general workers (80% of the company employees are women) and with Dr. Betina Ramos as VP and Founder of the company. This female presence in the company leadership structure grants innovation in the way we create products and do business.

Being an example of woman entrepreneur, Dr. Betina argues that “the gender equality in leadership positions make the professional environment more balanced, harmonic and productive, leading to increased revenue to the companies and to the well-being of the employees”

She also adds: “I’ve been participating as speaker in several events that aim to stimulate the female entrepreneurship. Through the example of my professional career, I want to stimulate other women to embark in the business world and to feel capable to lead in a natural way”.

Dr. Betina has strong participation in groups of female entrepreneurship like “Women Acate”, which soughts to increase female participation, reduce inequalities, empower and support women in the innovation and technology environment. And “Women of Brazil”, which - through its many projects - has as objective to stimulate the female participation and protagonism to build a better Brazil to all citizens, besides promoting the adoption of affirmative policies and the reduction of gender and social inequalities.

Also, Dr. Betina has recently participated in the “How Insights: Women Leadership”, held in Florianópolis (Brazil), an event where women in leadership positions share their professional histories and discuss business pathways so other women can keep going forward in the business world in an even faster way.

The importance of this movement is huge and the presence of women in entrepreneurship is trending!

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