Release of the Award: "Women Who Inspire - ACIJ".

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Aiming to value the presence of women in leadership and management positions, the Center for Women Entrepreneurs of the Joinville Business Association (in Portuguese, ACIJ) releases the "ACIJ Women Who Inspire Award".

The event was attended by the winners of the award promoted by the Commercial and Industrial Association of Florianópolis (In Portuguese, ACIF). The two guests, Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos and Ana Paula Calaes, spoke about their life experiences and successful professional trajectories.

"We want to inspire women to be protagonists of their own history and to inspire other women as well". Dr. Betina Z. Ramos

According to the president of the Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Silvia Maria Coleraus, the award aims to value those who make the difference in its community. “We divided the award into three categories to identify those who stand out: in the industry, in the service sector, and in the commercial sector, considering the criteria of creativity, initiative, life mission, inspiring, performance, sustainability, results, and networking”, highlights the businesswoman from the Food Industry.

Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos is the Nanovetores vice president and CTO. She is graduated in Pharmacy at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), specialized in Biosafety, and has a Master's Degree in Pharmacy and a Doctorate in Chemistry at the same institution. Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Université Bordeaux, France, using encapsulation systems for active ingredients and nanotechnology, and Postdoctoral Research in Nanosafety. She became an entrepreneur in 2008 when she founded Nanovetores; the company is a global reference in nanotechnology and is present in 45 countries. Enthusiastic about female entrepreneurship, she won the ACIF Award in the Business category.


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