Nano Jambu: Amazonian Preciousness

Jambu, Acmella oleracea or Spilanthes olerecea, is a Southern American small herb with yellow and purple flowers that is part of life and culture of Amazonian region.

This Brazilian Rainforest plant is ingredient of traditional local dishes and beverages, bringing a spicy taste with numbness and tingling effect on the mouth. Jambu is used by indigenous and local river population as an analgesic and treatment for several diseases, such as sore throats and herpes. One of Jambu main active is Spilanthol, which biological activities are documented as analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, vasorelaxant and anti-wrinkle.

Jambu is an Amazonian beauty secret, being an anti-aging with playfull sensorial effect. The above mentioned active, Spilanthol, has a powerful effect in inhibiting the contractions of facial subcutaneous muscles, this helps to reduce the formation and intensity of expression lines of eye, mouth and forehead area. This allow the Jambu extract to be used as a natural and topical alternative of Botulinum toxin (BTX).

Nanovetores technology enhances Jambu’s efficacy on cosmetic applications due to the increased permeation and control over the active ingredient release. Due to its natural characteristic and the Spilanthol hability to treat expression lines, Nano Jambu is the ideal active to be combined with traditional antiaging active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, creating synergic anti-aging cosmetic treatments, with lifting and anti-wrinkle action, and the uniqueness of generating the sensorial effect of paresthesia (tingling effect) when applied to skin’s most sensitive areas.

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