Beauty Routines

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The beauty routines - a serie of steps of beauty care - have evolved around the world through time, and many of them are related to essential oils + water + movement!


Many beauty care routines have traditionally incorporated natural products locally available, symbolizing the connection between beauty and nature. An example of the usage of Essential Oil - natural and distilled oil - is the Morrocan Oil, highly nutrient oil of the Argan tree, present as a beauty routine in the Medditarean region since 12 BC, and with high content of fatty acids and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing agent for skincare and haircare.

Also, Cleopatra revealed skincare beauty secret - beyond a unique personality - was the Essential Oil of Frankincense, from the Boswellia trees resin. Also used in the perfumery, the Frankincense Essential Oil slows the aging process by its inhibitory activity on collagenase, the enzyme responsible for the degradation of collagen.

  • NV Eternity, bringing the timeless benefits of Frankincense essential oil, in a blend with Palmarosa essential oil, has rejuvenating, cell regeneration and antiaging action.


Beyond Essential Oils, another traditional ingredient of beauty routines is water. The ancient Roman Thermal Baths used warm water to promote muscle relaxation, which can ease the “tense” expressions caused by the facial muscles.

Nowadays, Spring Water cans are trending. The practice of using a spray during the day is aimed to refresh and also reduce skin irritation and inflammation. The usage of Spring Water was made popular first in France and its benefits are related to the minerals added during water emerging till the spring.

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Jade Rollers, the must-have of skincare influencers, by massaging the skin, improve the microcirculation, reducing the aspect of face swelling. It's also a great way to increase the absorption of facial serums and creams.

This accessory is a great example of the movement on a beauty routine. Massaging the face, with the finger, sponge or the rollers helps to relax the facial muscles, and also enhances the microcirculation, in order to reduce the swelling.

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