Essential active ingredients that unite technology and well-being

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Get to know our essential actives that take care of the skin, nails, and hair, providing a boost on well-being!

Every day, more people turn to a lifestyle focused on well-being and health. And this is reflected in the cosmetic market.

The use of dermo-cosmetics, personal hygiene, and perfumery products is directly linked to well-being. The choice of a product for personal care, for aesthetics or for the health of skin, hair, and even nails has the same objective of providing well-being to the consumer.

Using a playful soap, a cream after a shower or an organic acne product causes a feeling of well-being. This represents self-care, makes us happier, raises our self-esteem, and guarantees emotional well-being, as well as external well-being! We have to take care of ourselves from the inside out and from the outside in.

In this sense, "clean beauty" stands out. Products that influence the health of the skin, hair, nails, and, consequently, the good appearance, gain prominence. And now - as we spend more time at home - we dedicate ourselves more to self-care and focus on our well-being.

Knowing the importance of physical and mental health, products in the HPPC market should offer a boost in emotional and physical well-being, favoring self-care routines.

The active ingredient Nano Nails guarantees the health of nails and cuticles through the blend of Melaleuca, Clove, and Lemongrass essential oils.

The active has anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties, helps in the fight against leukonychia and acts in strengthening and repairing damaged, opaque and brittle nails.

Its results can be observed from 4 days of use! It can be applied daily, it is water-based and does not contain organic solvents such as toluene, DBP and formaldehyde, being completely safe and effective!

In addition to its “medicine” functionality, Nano Nails is a great ally in the routine of nail and cuticle care, bringing a feeling of well-being and providing beauty salon care at home!

The Nano Liss promotes several benefits for hair: has shield action in the hair strands, disciplining effect and increases capillary mass.

Hair has a strong influence on self-esteem and taking care of the hair brings us a feeling of happiness and empowerment. With Nano Liss it is possible to “feel good” with the hair in an easy way since the active delivers effective results in less time. With daily use, the active promotes hair treatment and hydration with durability of up to 5 washes, taking care outside and inside the strands (and of us!).

The combination of the actives Nanovetor DMAE + Nano Up Lift also provides a feeling of well-being. Consumers of all ages seek a good appearance of the skin through holistic care and "clean beauty": they focus on preventing and taking care of damage to the skin, keeping it healthy and, thus, beautiful.

Nanovetor DMAE improves the overall appearance of the skin, has a tensing and lifting effect, combats sagging and reduces fine wrinkles. Nano Up Lift acts against free radicals, it also has an immediate lifting effect, increases skin elasticity and firmness and moisturizes!

It is the perfect pair for a rejuvenated skin!

The combination of these active ingredients is indicated to take care of the face, neck and eye area, with results from 7 days of product use, providing the care you deserve! Taking care of the skin, hair and nails has a positive effect on our good mood, health and, of course, well-being!

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