Nano Functional Textiles

Nanotechnology provides new characteristics to the fibers, strands and fabrics. Nano Functional Textiles are textile cosmetic actives encapsulated and water-based promoting fabrics with lots of cosmetic advantages.

This technology is already used by Malwee for its Fitness line containing moisturizer capsules. Capsules gradually release actives that remain effective until 20 washes.

The use of this product in contact with the skin releases moisturizer capsules on the body.


Technologies of the future have already been provided and offer a lot of innovation possibilities.

Nanovetores developed a technology for the textile industry.

Fabrics that supports various types of treatment such as:

– Muscle pains – Relaxation – Skin hydration – Anti-cellulite – Localized fat reduction – Natural repellent – Natural Antimicrobial.

The process of encapsulation protects the actives from oxidation and volatilization releasing of sensations and fragrances activated by friction through the gradual release system.

The highly anchoring of textile fibers provides a resistance until 20 washes, raw materials are biocompatible and biodegradable protecting the health of the consumers and the environment.

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