Protect, Stimulate and Activate

Nanotechnology consists of various techniques in order to incorporate colloidal actives such in nano or micro polymer or lipid particles.






Types of Triggers

Types of Triggers particulas

Nanotechnology benefits

  • Stability improvement;
  • Increase of cutaneous permeation;
  • Increase of solubility;
  • Odor removal;
  • Prolonged release;
  • Increase of compatibility with formulation;
  • Increase in efficiency;
  • Dosage reduction;
  • Reduction of irritation risks;
  • Allow the use of sensitive actives (without refrigeration)

Nanovetores diferences

  • Multifunctionality – Multifunctional Active Vectors;
  • Green particles – Biocompatible and biodegradable;
  • Micro or Nano Lipid or Biopolymer particles;
  • Water solvent- Not use organic solvent
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic actives;
  • Control of the size – Monodispersibility;
  • Prolonged release – Specific triggers (Friction, Water, Enzymatic, pH, Temperature);
  • Surface adhesion – Specific charges;
  • Proven safety;

Technical Capsules Production Control

  • Occlusive surface;
  • Porous surface;
  • Format of vesicles;
  • Matrix format;
  • Size control;
  • Permeation control;
  • Charges control;
  • Release control;